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Paralegals are taking on more responsibility within estate planning, and our team is here to help. We’ve got you covered and have more than 20 years of experience with estate planning or probate law!

Estate Planning and Probate Paralegal Duties

We are the best at what we do. We have been helping clients with their estate plans for years, and there is no task too big or small that our team won’t take on! One of your responsibilities as an agent in this business would be to help prepare taxes when it comes a time – but don’t worry; you’ll never again need any expertise in accounting because they’re handled by professionals associated with a long history of working with our paralegal team already (allowing more room devoted toward other important matters). We will:

  • Take time with you to examine your financial situation
  • Prepare drafts of trusts, wills, or related documents
  • Preparing probate forms
  • Meet with clients whose relative has died
  • Help collect and liquidate the deceased’s assets
    Assessing creditors’ claims
  • Work with accountants to prepare estate tax returns

Common Estate Planning issues our paralegal team services

Failing To Plan

Your Estate Plan is your legacy. Make sure you don’t regret leaving behind something as important and life-changing for future generations!

The Fix: If it’s been more than five years since updating or creating an estate plan, take the time to do so now before things are transferred into a Trust.

Not Discussing with Family and Friends

It is important to have a conversation with everyone you cherish so they know what their role will be after your death of yours. If this isn’t an option, consider writing into parts or all aspects about contestants who contest anything in your Estate Plan- just make sure that any instructions are clear and confined only as needed!

The Fix: It is important to have a conversation with your spouse or anyone you’ve named Executor about the Estate Plan. Make sure notifying specific people in case of emergencies, like death during exercise programs for example will be communicated properly so they can take care what needs done at this time!

Naming Just One Beneficiary

This may be the most important part of your estate plan – making sure there are multiple contingent beneficiaries. If you pass away before any of them do, their names will come up in an emergency situation where they’re needed to handle all those little details for us while we take care o four our own affairs first!

The Fix: The fix for this is simple! Make sure that each asset, account, or policy has a primary beneficiary who will receive all of the benefits from it if something happens. That way there’s no question about whose interests should take priority when things go wrong in an emergency situation and death occurs unexpectedly

power of attorney or healthcare representative

Naming a Power of Attorney (either medical or financial) and/or Healthcare Proxy is very important as these are the people who would step in to make decisions should you become incapacitated. Note that usually, once someone has passed away their power will no longer exist unless named elsewhere such as an enduring function under dual control where both individuals have joint decision-making authority over certain matters while specific circumstances allow it; this type also lasts only until death so be sure it’s right for your situation!

The Fix: Having a Living Will is important, but it’s not enough. You need to appoint someone in your life and give them authority over financial or medical decisions if you can’t make those for yourself because there may come a time when they will be able to take care of all aspects on behalf of their loved ones without much struggle at all!

final arrangements

We all know how difficult it is to plan for the future, but with a little preparation and thoughtfulness, you can make sure your loved ones are cared for in this time of need. Make plans now so that when they come up against something unexpected or don’t have enough money on hand themselves; everything will be set right away!

The Fix: Your life is something that needs to be celebrated, so make sure your loved ones know how they can honor you. You could also include end-of-life planning documents in case anything happens suddenly and it’s not clear what will happen next for them or anyone else who may need guidance during this difficult time period after losing an important person like yourself!

digital assets

The idea of Digital Estate Planning may be new, but it’s an excellent way to make sure all your digital assets are handled in a manner that suits you. Be sure include details about how these will be managed after death; this could mean anything from social media accounts and email addresses down through online banking information!

The Fix: In order to make sure that your digital assets are handled properly, you’ll want a Digital Executor who can provide the guidance and oversight necessary.
The best way for someone in this position is to go through what they need from an attorney or other professional while also following up on any issues which come up as part of their duties- just like how one would handle things if there was no estate plan!


You can still allocate some of your assets to benefit a charity that’s important.
I know it sounds like an easy decision, but there are multiple things you should consider before making this choice- including the tax consequences! Make sure and talk with someone who knows what they’re doing if anything goes wrong because these laws could change at any moment

The Fix: There are many ways you can leave parts of your estate to charities. including the gift in an upcoming plan, or by beneficiary name for assets like proceeds from investments and life insurance policies.

Children's Future

When you’re writing your will or any other legal document, it is important that the instructions are clear and concise. If there are children involved, be sure they know their rights from early on so no one has confusion later down the road about what needs to happen with regards to those who’ll care for them when needed most!

However, if you don’t plan for the unexpected then there is a risk in passing down an asset like this. For example: what happens when one child doesn’t want to get married or have their own home? They might try claiming inheritance rights that they aren’t actually entitled to because of how complicated things can become with family legacies and wills…

The Fix: Decide what kind of guidance you want to provide for how an inheritance will be passed on if there is a minor involved. Maybe mention their age, marital status, or graduation from a college degree- this is just one example among many others so think carefully about which one best suits your needs!

Being Too Specific

We don’t want you to be too vague or overlook anything. If there’s something specific about your estate plan, like stocks and real estate (or sports tickets), make sure it gets mentioned so that future generations know what they’ll inherit from a parent who has passed on before them – especially if those items mean more than just money; contributing memories through experiences also helps keep loved ones alive forever…

Fix: One way to avoid complications from being too specific actually just stems from Estate Plan management best practices. Review (and update if needed) your Estate Plan every three to five years, or anytime you have a major life event. If you sell a house that was in an original Estate Plan document, be sure to revise as soon as possible.

Improper Funding

A Trust is an excellent component to have in virtually any Estate Plan – but it could all be for naught if you don’t properly fund it. Creating a Trust is only half the battle; it’s useless until it’s actually funded.

The Fix: Your success is our number one priority. That’s why we make sure that every step toward funding your Trust and getting the ball rolling on this awesome venture, goes as smoothly for you – from how to title assets all day long up until receiving a taxpayer identification number (TIN).

Tax Implications

Estate tax is a huge issue for those who want to leave their beneficiaries something. The government taxes your estate before it pays out, so you have two worries – how much will be paid out and whether or not each heir can enjoy the fruits of his/her labor without worrying about an additional unexpected expense coming up in years ahead!

The Fix: The estate tax is a small price to pay for the transfer of wealth. If you are going from having no inheritance at all, or just $5 million in assets under your name alone – it will be easy enough not to owe any federal taxes on that portion which can save about 40%. Of course, this means if an extension isn’t put into place by then we’re looking back towards pre-2009 levels where anyone who had more than 5M USD worth would have been subject according to t0 law changing after 1997 making their situation much less desirable

Not Securing Your Estate Plan

We all want to make sure our loved ones are taken care of after we pass away, but many people forget about the most important thing: Their heirs. They might be difficult or impossible for them (or both!) without access keys that will let you into your safety deposit box full time so don’t leave it up in there! You should definitely store everything related together and safe – even if they’re just loose- sheets with information on them like dates/ purported beneficiaries, etc., because something could happen at any time between them…
A little planning goes a long way; put things where nobody else can get their hands.

The Fix: Storing your important documents, such as a will or succession plan in an appropriately secure location is key to ensuring they don’t get destroyed by fire. For example, you could put away all of these items inside the safe deposit box at ____ bank account number ___. Make sure no one but those who need access know about this!

So, How Can Our Paralegal Services Help You Today?

You may be nervous about calling a paralegal or an attorney. Some people are fearful of the high costs of an attorney, others are fearful of the amount of work they will need to do. While your experience is unique to you we have seen and heard almost everything in our 20 years of experience. There is no cost associated with a consultation and we will assure you, “everything will be okay”. Our paralegal services are tailored to your wants or needs and will save you time and money.

  1. Our costs are upfront, not per hour. You won’t get deep into your situation and continue to shell out money every time we meet.
  2. We are all individuals, everyone’s case is unique, and we will treat you and your situation as such.
  3. Our team is trusted by thousands of clients and our solid reputation has been earned through great service.
  4. We can come to you, or you can come to us. We have multiple locations throughout California.
  5. Put the power of our experienced paralegal team on your side, today.
  6. Don’t risk learning the law by making mistakes. It can be even more costly than paying an attorney.
  7. We offer a no-obligation consultation.

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Why CA Paralegal Services Is right For You?

CA Paralegal Services Janet O'Neal Orange County Fresno

CA Paralegal Services was founded on the belief that the needs of our customers are of the utmost importance. We seek first to understand you, our client, and provide excellent service. We have locations in Orange County, Central California (Fresno region), with services available throughout the state. Our mission is to be the premier paralegal firm in California for our client’s property, business law and family law needs.

If you have any questions or would like to arrange your strategy call, please feel free to contact us by phone or email. To speak to one of our paralegals today, contact us at (833) 500-2009.

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The Irvine Paralegal team was very informative and attentive, they were very patient and knowledgeable. I appreciate the time & energy they spent working with me! I am so pleased with the final product, words can not express my gratitude! Thanks everyone you're the best!!!

Betty V.

Irvine, CA

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The paralegal team was fast, helpful and got the job done! I have and will continue to use them moving forward. They completed exactly what I requested on time and at the price they quoted me! They’ve earned my business! Janet made my process simple, easy, and perfect! I will use them moving forward.

Linda W.

Fullerton, CA

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Janet and her team were exceptional! Through their comprehensive explanation of the process and what to expect, to the diligent communication, and their desire to help through what should have been a difficult divorce process, I couldn’t have asked for a better team in my corner! Five stars and I would recommend to anyone!


Fresno, CA

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Could not be happier with the paralegal services I was given. The team is wonderful at setting up wills, trusts, and estates for my family. Great service and value in legal help.

Linda S.

Huntington Beach, CA

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Could not be happier with the paralegal services I was given. The team is wonderful at setting up wills, trusts, and estates for my family. Great service and value in legal help.

Lisa S.

Clovis, CA


Our Paralegal Team Will Save You Time and Money!

Common Questions About Using A Paralegal

Paralegals draft and prepare legal documents. These include case files, pleadings, and other documents that are necessary in legal cases.

  • Research
  • Case Preparation
  • Document
  • Management
  • Courtroom and Legal Proceedings Assistance
  • Communication and Coordination

The duties of a paralegal encompass a variety of tasks that are focused on providing the right information in legal proceedings, actions, hearings, and trials so you are prepared.

Less Money: Paralegals cost much less than lawyers. Paralegals will quote a price before starting work. Attorneys more money by billing each minute they work with you. Why spend more money than you have to?

Faster Results: Paralegals will complete the required documents and submit them, whereas attorneys can take much longer for the same process because they have an incentive to stretch it out.
  1. Look for an established paralegal business.
  2. Ask about the paralegal’s experience: length and breadth of experience.
  3. Look for professional certifications & recognition.
  4. Read reviews of satisfied customers.
  5. Most importantly: Call and ask questions. A good paralegal will answer your questions with ease & confidence. We are happy to answer all your questions. Call us: 833-500-2009.

We perform paralegal services for clients throughout California. We have active offices in Fresno and Irvine with satellite offices in Clovis, Fullerton, Huntington Beach, and Newport Beach (Corona Del Mar).

Most of the work we perform can be done via phone and email. If needed for document signing that needs to be done in person we can come to you or you can come to our office (your choice).

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but everything is going to be ok."

No expensive lawyer fees. Save thousands of dollars and get results faster today with your legal needs.


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what does a mediator do?

  • The mediator is there to moderate the discussion, help with communication, and provide information and suggestions.
  • He or she will also use special training to help you and your spouse resolve your differences.
  • The mediator will also draft an agreement that is fair to both of you and, if you have children, will have their best interests in mind.

A Paralegal can not give legal advice or go to court and advocate for you the same way a divorce attorney will. The cost for a paralegal is usually less than an attorney.

Paralegal Services Include:

  • Family Law
    • Divorce
    • Mediation
    • Adoption
    • Restraining Orders
  • Estate Planning
    • Trusts
    • Wills
    • Probate
    • Deeds
  • Business Law
    • Incorporation
    • Mediation
    • Business filings

Do’s and Don’ts of your legal situation


Be Calm, Relax, and Seek To Understand.
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Do Not:

Try to learn the legal system through trial and error
Hire an expensive attorney without consulting our paralegal services
Worry about the worst that can happen, be positive