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Paralegals are very different from corporate lawyers. While an incorporation attorney may provide more services, they typically charge $500-1000 per hour. If you know what you want to do, often a paralegal is the best route (and least expensive), plus most corporate attorneys have corporate paralegals perform the work.

The Incorporation Process

The biggest reason to incorporate a business is the separation of your personal assets from business liabilities. If incorrectly done you can leave an opportunity for a diligent attorney to pierce the corporate veil should an issue ever arise. There are also some potential tax breaks and deductions you may be able to take (consult a tax professional).

A legal professional can help you understand:


  • Which type of corporation you should register as either a C-corporation or S-corporation
  • A name which distinguishes it from other entities registered in the state, sometimes you may also need to file a DBA
  • Filing the articles of incorporation and appointing a registered agent
  • Creating bylaws for the corporation and laying out the rules for the company’s operations
  • Determine directors and the election of officers procedures and formalization
  • Issue stock


We typically see people file corporations on a national website. Yes, these work and yes they can be done quickly and fast, but you do get what you pay for. We provide open and honest answers, plus when it comes time to add various details most of the services do not allow for the drafting of unique paperwork.

If your goal is to grow. your business and add shareholders it is imperative you connect with us to address your ‘what-if’ scenarios. While we can not provide legal advice we can add the specific items you want, done at your direction.  We also have access to business advisors who can speak about their personal experiences, which may help you more clearly define your goals.

California incorporation typically takes one to two weeks when done as a priority, using regular mail can take up to a month. We also provide rush filings which can be done in 24 hours.

Common Incorporation Services our paralegal team performs

Incorporation and organization off Corporations

  1. Check name availability and reserve corporate name.
  2. Draft articles or certificate of incorporation, including drafting of purpose clauses and special stock provisions, for attorney review.
  3. File articles, and record or publish same, as required, and take other action.
  4. Draft, for attorney review, organizational documents, including:
    1. Bylaws,
    2. Notice and minutes, or consent, of organizational meeting,
    3. Subscription agreements,
    4. Investment letters,
    5. Stock certificates and legends,
    6. Banking resolutions, and
    7. Documents necessary to qualify as foreign corporation in other states.
  5. Draft for attorney review and file any assumed name certificates.
  6. Draft for attorney review and file Certificates of Designation for Preferred Stock issuance.
  7. Order minute book, stock book and seal.


  1. Check name availability and reserve business name.
  2. Draft Articles of Organization for attorney review.
  3. Draft operating agreement for attorney review.
  4. Draft state business registration, for attorney review, if business will have employees or sell goods for which sales tax must be collected.


  1. Draft various agreements for attorney review, if applicable, including:
    1. Employment agreements,
    2. Shareholders’ agreements,
    3. Stock option plans,
    4. Option agreements,
    5. Profit sharing and pension plans,
    6. Employee benefit plans, and
    7. Health and accident plans.
  2. Draft for attorney review and file documents to amend the articles of incorporation.
  3. Prepare for attorney review and file annual reports.
  4. Draft special minutes for corporate activities requiring the approval of attorney, shareholders and/or directors.
  5. Maintain a tickler system for annual meetings and draft for attorney review, documents for such meetings, including:
    1. Notices,
    2. Proxies,
    3. Affidavits of Mailing,
    4. Agenda,
    5. Ballots,
    6. Oaths of judges of election,
    7. Shareholders and directors minutes, and
    8. Written consents in lieu of the above.
  6. For corporations authorized to do business, or with subsidiaries, in several states, compile reporting and compliance requirements for each state.
  7. Draft notes, mortgages, deeds of trust and other documents, and take other actions under direction of attorney, for the purpose of securing loans:
    1. Preparation for attorney review and filing of financing statements or security agreements and/or terminations, assignments, etc. with state and county offices, and
    2. UCC checks on debtors with state and county offices.
  8. Prepare stock powers, state and federal gift tax returns, and otherwise handle stock transfers under attorney supervision.
  9. Assist attorney with liquidation and dissolution, including:
    1. Draft plans and/or resolutions of liquidation or dissolution,
    2. Draft and file statement articles of dissolution or other required state forms to effect dissolution,
    3. Draft and file state and federal tax liquidation or dissolution forms, and
    4. Draft documents in connection with the distribution of corporate assets.
  10. Monitor compliance with abandoned property (escheat) laws and inform attorney.


  1. Prepare drafts of merger or purchase agreements for attorney review.
  2. Participate in due diligence investigation.
  3. Draft closing checklists and closing memorandum.
  4. Obtain consents to assignments, assignments, releases, and signatures on consent resolutions and other documents as appropriate.
  5. Draft appropriate certificates and other closing documents for attorney review.
  6. Manage assembly and execution of documents at closing.
  7. Prepare closing files and bound volumes.
  8. Prepare, file and/or record financing statements, UCC agreements or amendments, transfer of ownership, and related documents.
  9. Supervise share exchanges for public companies or several stockholders.

Process of Business Incorporation In California

Choose a Business Name

The business name must not be the same as, or too similar to an existing name on the California state records. You can not mislead the public. You may search the California Secretary of State here: Link

File articles of incorporation

As your paralegal team, we file Articles of Incorporation-General Stock with the Secretary of State. There is a filing fee.

appoint registered agent

All incorporated California businesses must have an agent for service of process in the state. Many clients ask an individual or business (such as ours) to accept legal papers on the corporation’s behalf.

Prepare corporate bylaws

Bylaws are the internal corporate documents that set ground rules for the operations of your corporation. These are not filed with the state. These documents help banks, creditors, and the IRS your corporation is legitimate. As a designate, we can hold all of your corporate records and update, as necessary.

appoint directors & Hold board Meeting

The incorporation statement must show the names and addresses of the initial directors. This must be maintained with the corporate records.

The first meeting should be held to appoint corporate officers, adopt bylaws, select a bank, authorize shares of stock, set the fiscal year, and adopt an official stock certificate form and corporate seal.

Actions must be recorded in corporate minutes.

Issue Stock

Stock is issued to the shareholders in return for their capital contributions. Shareholders typically contribute cash, property, services …or all three.

Sometimes stock may be issued based on performance and this needs to be clearly written out to avoid future legal issues.

file statement of information

Must be filed within 90 days after filing the Articles of Incorporation.

Must be filed every year.

comply with tax requirements

California has an annual minimum tax: This tax ($800 currently) must be paid during the first quarter of each accounting period the corporation is active.

Additional taxes: Paid based on the total annual income

Filing Procedures: These include filing California Form 100

File EIN: The EIN is an online application done through the IRS Website.

California EDD: This is done when a corporation becomes subject to the state’s payroll tax requirements.

So, How Can Our Paralegal Services Help You Today?

You may be nervous about calling a paralegal or an attorney. Some people are fearful of the high costs of an attorney, others are fearful of the amount of work they will need to do. While your experience is unique to you we have seen and heard almost everything in our 20 years of experience. There is no cost associated with a consultation and we will assure you, “everything will be okay”. Our paralegal services are tailored to your wants or needs and will save you time and money.

  1. Our costs are upfront, not per hour. You won’t get deep into your situation and continue to shell out money every time we meet.
  2. We are all individuals, everyone’s case is unique, and we will treat you and your situation as such.
  3. Our team is trusted by thousands of clients and our solid reputation has been earned through great service.
  4. We can come to you, or you can come to us. We have multiple locations throughout California.
  5. Put the power of our experienced paralegal team on your side, today.
  6. Don’t risk learning the law by making mistakes. It can be even more costly than paying an attorney.
  7. We offer a no-obligation consultation.

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Why CA Paralegal Services Is right For You?

CA Paralegal Services Janet O'Neal Orange County Fresno

CA Paralegal Services was founded on the belief that the needs of our customers are of the utmost importance. We seek first to understand you, our client, and provide excellent service. We have locations in Orange County, Central California (Fresno region), with services available throughout the state. Our mission is to be the premier paralegal firm in California for our client’s property, business law and family law needs.

If you have any questions or would like to arrange your strategy call, please feel free to contact us by phone or email. To speak to one of our paralegals today, contact us at (833) 500-2009.

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The Irvine Paralegal team was very informative and attentive, they were very patient and knowledgeable. I appreciate the time & energy they spent working with me! I am so pleased with the final product, words can not express my gratitude! Thanks everyone you're the best!!!

Betty V.

Irvine, CA

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The paralegal team was fast, helpful and got the job done! I have and will continue to use them moving forward. They completed exactly what I requested on time and at the price they quoted me! They’ve earned my business! Janet made my process simple, easy, and perfect! I will use them moving forward.

Linda W.

Fullerton, CA

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Janet and her team were exceptional! Through their comprehensive explanation of the process and what to expect, to the diligent communication, and their desire to help through what should have been a difficult divorce process, I couldn’t have asked for a better team in my corner! Five stars and I would recommend to anyone!


Fresno, CA

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Could not be happier with the paralegal services I was given. The team is wonderful at setting up wills, trusts, and estates for my family. Great service and value in legal help.

Linda S.

Huntington Beach, CA

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Could not be happier with the paralegal services I was given. The team is wonderful at setting up wills, trusts, and estates for my family. Great service and value in legal help.

Lisa S.

Clovis, CA


Our Paralegal Team Will Save You Time and Money!

Common Questions About Using A Paralegal

Paralegals draft and prepare legal documents. These include case files, pleadings, and other documents that are necessary in legal cases.

  • Research
  • Case Preparation
  • Document
  • Management
  • Courtroom and Legal Proceedings Assistance
  • Communication and Coordination

The duties of a paralegal encompass a variety of tasks that are focused on providing the right information in legal proceedings, actions, hearings, and trials so you are prepared.

Less Money: Paralegals cost much less than lawyers. Paralegals will quote a price before starting work. Attorneys more money by billing each minute they work with you. Why spend more money than you have to?

Faster Results: Paralegals will complete the required documents and submit them, whereas attorneys can take much longer for the same process because they have an incentive to stretch it out.
  1. Look for an established paralegal business.
  2. Ask about the paralegal’s experience: length and breadth of experience.
  3. Look for professional certifications & recognition.
  4. Read reviews of satisfied customers.
  5. Most importantly: Call and ask questions. A good paralegal will answer your questions with ease & confidence. We are happy to answer all your questions. Call us: 833-500-2009.

We perform paralegal services for clients throughout California. We have active offices in Fresno and Irvine with satellite offices in Clovis, Fullerton, Huntington Beach, and Newport Beach (Corona Del Mar).

Most of the work we perform can be done via phone and email. If needed for document signing that needs to be done in person we can come to you or you can come to our office (your choice).

"Not to spoil the ending...
but everything is going to be ok."

No expensive lawyer fees. Save thousands of dollars and get results faster today with your legal needs.


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When To Use a Paralegal for incorporation?

  • Legally prepare incorporation forms for you.
  • Set up with the IRS the correct tax election.
  • Prepare and submit the statement of information.
  • Prevent suspension of your business.
  • Perform quarterly and annual updates including minutes.
  • Full review of all corporate records for completeness.

Paralegal Services Include:

  • Family Law
    • Divorce
    • Mediation
    • Adoption
    • Restraining Orders
  • Estate Planning
    • Trusts
    • Wills
    • Probate
    • Deeds
  • Business Law
    • Incorporation
    • Mediation
    • Business filings

Do’s and Don’ts of your legal situation


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Do Not:

Try to learn the legal system through trial and error
Hire an expensive attorney without consulting our paralegal services
Worry about the worst that can happen, be positive